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Administrators of Transitional Kindergarten Programs

CSU Transitional Kindergarten Project Supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Administrators play a central role in the success of TK programs. To support the preparation of administrators for TK, a series of Instructional Cases have been developed for use in a range of programs (i.e., Tier I Preliminary Credential and Master of Education, Tier II Professional Credential, and the Education Doctorate) in classes, workshops, and seminars. The Instructional Cases address real-life administrative situations in TK and early childhood education and engage leaders in conversation and study of best practice as they analyze and develop solutions to challenging problems of administrative practice.

Although the intent of the law is to provide separate and unique experiences for transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students, districts have flexibility to determine how best to meet the curricular needs of each child. Thus, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students may be enrolled in the same classroom.

Instructional Cases

  • Science Learning and Parents in the Transitional Kindergarten Classroom
  • Examining a Framework for Literacy Instruction in Transitional Kindergarten
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice in the Transitional Kindergarten Classroom
  • Supporting the Instruction of English Learners in the Transitional Kindergarten Classroom

For additional Information, or to pilot the materials in your course, please contact Dr. Kim Norman, TK Project Director.