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Modules for Teachers

Transitional Kindergarten Modules Supporting Young Learners

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CSU Transitional Kindergarten Pre-Service Preparation Project Supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The nine CSU Transitional Kindergarten Modules address the range of content areas and are designed to prepare preservice teachers for TK classrooms, including activities that deepen understanding of the Integrated Elements: developmentally appropriate practice, the role of environment, curriculum integration and assessment. A focus on families and communities, differentiation and inclusion, and diversity are just some of the features that enhance the pedagogical richness of these modules.

Created by CSU Fullerton faculty specifically for use in university courses, the TK modules enhance how multiple subject credential programs currently address early education. They provide an arena for teacher candidates to actively engage with high-quality instructional materials, standards, videos, readings, and leaders in the field The modules also connect faculty and preservice teachers to useful professional and state documents that have been specifically crafted to guide educators as they develop their respective TK programs.

Each module guide describes the learning activities and provides a time frame for completion. Individual activities range from five minutes to one hour, and the total estimated length of each module is equivalent to one class session in a typical three semester-unit course.

Support materials can be accessed individually in links throughout each activity, or they may be downloaded in full from the top left-hand corner of each module. The introductory presentations at the beginning of each module connect teacher candidates to the topic, identify key concepts, and introduce outcomes. The Extension Activities and additional resources are available should instructors and/or students choose to engage with the content even further. Instructors may embed a complete module into a course or select and modify specific activities that enhance their instruction.