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  1. California Association for Bilingual Education - 
    Promotes bilingual education and quality educational experiences for all students in California.
  2. The California Association of Professors of Educational Administration - 
    Seeks to vitalize the discourse necessary for blending theory and practice in ways consistent with current research and future projections, strengthening networks with other professional and public entities for the continued improvement of education in California.
  3. California County Superintendents Educational Services Association - 
    Advocates on behalf of K-12 and early childhood education at state and federal levels for effective policies and adequate resources for public education through involvement in federal and state legislative processes.
  4. California Department of Education - 
    Serves our state by collaborating with educators, schools, parents, and community partners to prepare students to thrive in a highly connected world.
  5. California Preschool Instructional Network Project - 
    Provides high quality professional development for preschool administrators and teachers highlighting practices which are focused on preparing children to flourish in early childhood and succeed in elementary school and beyond.
  6. Early Edge California - 
    Working to ensure all children have the early experiences necessary to be successful learners by the end of 3rd grade, setting them on a path to college and career readiness.
  7. National Association for the Education of Young Children - 
    A voice for high quality early childhood education from birth through age 8.
  8. National Council of Professors of Educational Administration - 
    Committed to the practice and study of educational administration and serving the interests and needs of professors of educational administration and practicing school leaders by offering opportunities for professional development in a welcoming, supportive environment.
  9.  Sacramento County Office of Education - 
    Plays a leadership role in the delivery of quality education to the students in Sacramento County, educating and providing support services to over 235,000 students in 13 school districts.
  10. Sonoma County Office of Education Transitional Kindergarten - 
    Provides fiscal oversight and service and support to help 40 school districts meet legal mandates, operate cost-effectively, and raise student achievement.
  11. Transitional Kindergarten California: A Project of Preschool California - 
    Serves the needs of teachers and administrators as they implement transitional kindergarten, with expertise in language and literacy development, early math, social emotional development and executive function, culturally responsive education and dual language acquisition.
  12. Tulare County Office of Education - 
    Provides support to 44 school districts with a commitment to providing the finest business, human resources, instructional and special services.
  13. WestEd: CDE/ECE Faculty Initiative Project - 
    Aligns and integrate essential content and competencies of key CDE/EESD materials and initiatives with core early childhood education curriculum of the California Community College (CCC) and the California State University (CSU) systems.
  14. West Contra Costa Unified School District - 
    Provides excellent learning and teaching experiences; safe, student-centered learning environments; and support for all students and employees while developing productive community partnerships.